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Customising your Stikboard
You can customise and modify your Stikboard in various ways to suit your needs.
You'll see the top of your board is recessed slightly, to allow you to apply stickers and/or grip tape etc. You can also add the special Straps to your board. The Straps are screwed in, using the screws supplied, in any position you choose.

How to adjust the ends of your Stikboard

It's easy to adjust the two slanted ends of your board. If you are using the board freestyle (without straps) you may wish to have a larger angle on the ends to give you more kick when jumping etc. Just place one end of the board on the ground, holding the other end with your hands and apply gentle pressure with a foot just below the angle, until you get the desired angle. Repeat for the other end. As the boards are rotational moulded plastic, they have a 'memory' in them, so the board will return to the original state after about 24 hours.

If you want to go on the grass, snow or sand, you may want edges on the rails to achieve better carving. To do this, place your Stikboard on some rough asphalt, take a small run up and land on the board to slide along the pavement. This should put edges on the rails. 

And of course you can wax the underside for even faster thrills and spills!

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