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How to Stikboard
Where can I get plastic mesh?

Garden mesh is simply a sturdy plastic mesh that you lay down on any surface you want to stikboard upon. You can buy it at all leading hardware and garden outlets.

The mesh simply helps the Stikboard glide and gives you more speed... plus reduces wear on the bottom surface of the board. Add some candle wax to the mesh and you're in for a real adventure.

When you consider that you can only skateboard where there's concrete or ramps, snowboards need snow and a wakeboard needs water (and a boat)... then the mesh is a fantastic way to create your own surface wherever you want it. Just roll it down a hill, insert a ramp and you'll be flying!

Stikboarding is easy once you know how

Besides having the ability to be used as a snowboard, wakeboard or grass/sand surfing, the best way to use your Stikboard is to lay down some cheap garden mesh from your local hardware store.

The mesh gives you the ability to turn just about any surface or area into your own skate park. Here’s how you get started:

(Click on the images below to see a larger picture.)

Step 1: Roll out the mesh

Find a suitable area to Stikboard particular a hilly and grassy area as demonstrated in the picture. Make sure you don’t forget to bring all your Stikboarding gear. (Don’t forget the wax)

Set the mesh up at the top of the hill or area you are Stikboarding and gradually unroll the mesh. Once you have found a suitable area to Stikboard roll out your mesh perfectly flat, make sure there are no rocks or sharp objects near your mesh which may injure you.

Step 2: Wax the mesh for added speed, thrills and spills

Waxing your mesh is a good idea and we do recommend it. If you’re a beginner you may want to think twice about using wax straight away.

Step 3: The Run-Up…

Set your board up at the start of the mesh and make sure there is nobody standing in your path. Make sure the board is directly front on and facing the end of your path. This will eventually start to give you better control. Take a few steps back to produce a run up. We normally recommend at least 1 metre of run up room some may prefer long or less its up to the individual.

Step 4: The Landing…

Practice landing smoothly on the board - this is great training for perfecting nailing air-moves in skateboarding and snowboarding - take it easy at first because even a small run-up will have you moving quite quickly (imagine what a looooonnng run-up would do).
Putting pressure on different parts of the board causes it to turn, slide, speed up, and slow down.

Now you now know how to Stikboard… so give it a go and have some fun!

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