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The truly ALL TERRAIN board for year round fun!

The Stikboard is awesome ... you can use it anywhere!

The Stikboard lies somewhere between a skateboard and a snowboard (but don't compare or confuse it with either!) ... and you can ride it on snow, water, grass, sand dunes ... in fact, any surface you like. Grab a boat and a rope and you have a wakeboard. Find yourself a big sand dune and you can sand-surf. You can ride skateparks, BMX jumps, halfpipes, jumps, rails ... in your own back yard ... anywhere!

The Stikboard offers you a whole new world of extreme sport action

Don't compare to all the other types of boards - it's all and none of these. It's a new, ultra-fast innovation to any kind of boarding! The Stikboard was developed in Australia, and was originally aimed at grass for all year round boarding. But that soon developed into an all terrain board. Anyone who's used a Stikboard will tell you it's awesome fun! And once you've mastered the special skills you need to ride a Stikboard, your technique will improve out of sight for both skateboarding and snowboarding.

The Stikboard is great for all ages

Parents of young kids love the Stikboard because kids can enjoy everything skateboarding and snowboarding have to offer ... but in the safety and controlled environment of their own back yard. The Stikboard is great for teenagers who are tired of skateboarding and want a new challenge. Even parents have been known to have a go at Stikboarding!

How can a Stikboard work with no wheels?
Two Stikboard Secrets ...
Secret 1. Plastic garden mesh

Ordinary sturdy plastic garden mesh can turn any surface into a skate park for your Stikboard! Just lay down the mesh wherever you want to skate. The mesh gives the Stikboard extra glide and speed ... especially if you add some candle wax to the mesh!
Find out more ...

Secret 2. The Training Base

The special Training Base slots into a groove underneath your Stikboard. It means you can perfect your balance and practice your moves anywhere ... even in your living room. It's tricky at first ... but once you master it, you'll be an ace Stickboarder!

Great question. The Stikboard has a smooth base, so if you’re on snow, a sand dune or a grass slope, it works just like a snowboard. But if you want to use it in your back yard, or on a ramp, then simply lay down some sturdy plastic garden mesh.

The Stikboard is specially designed to skate across mesh at amazing speed

There's virtually no friction between the board and the mesh, so it's ultra-fast. Garden mesh is cheap and you can nail it to your ramps, or lay it down at the local skate park ... or anywhere you want to skate. Add some wax, and the mesh becomes super-slick and fast.

Who invented the Stikboard?

An Aussie, Demetrias Rejtano, invented the Stikboard in 1991. Demetrias was working as a carpenter when he saw a nicely-shaped piece of timber on the ground .. and he got a flash of inspiration. He took the piece of wood home and shaped it into a board. He made a super-smooth base and found he could do amazing things on the board! Thus the Stikboard was born.

Then Demetrias got the idea of putting a recess in the bottom of his wooden board and balancing it on the ball of a tow-bar. This idea led to the special Training Base, which gives the Stikboard a whole new life when it comes to practicing and learning new tricks. It lets you practice your balance, flips, slides etc ... even inside the house!

Watch some video clips of Stikboarders in action ...

Five tricks demonstrating the speed and agility of the Stikboard.

Five tricks

See the Stikboard in action on the beach, in the yard, on the snow, on the water ... awesome!

Stikboard demo

NOTE: You need Quicktime to view these videos. If you don't have it, download it now.

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P.S. The Aussies have spent more than 10 years and $300,000 developing the Stikboard. They've perfected it so it's ultra-fast. That's why it's catching on like wildfire!

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